This practice was established in 1977, the year Dr. Flory graduated from the University of Michigan Dental School.  A lifelong resident of Royal Oak, he continues to reside there with his wife, Marilou.

The goal for every adult treated in this practice is to preserve and maintain the patient's oral health to the extent that they keep their teeth for the rest of their lives.  This is accomplished by first restoring complete dental health to the patient, followed by the prevention of future disease through proper dental hygiene.

Our goal for your children is even more ambitious.  Thanks to fluoridation of water and modern dental treatments such as pit and fissure sealants, the goal for all children is the lifetime prevention of any decay.  It is the realization and accomplishment of these goals that make this practice such a rewarding experience for both Dr. Flory and his patients.

Accomplishing the Goals

Today's dental equipment, materials and restorative techniques enable dentists to restore your teeth closer to their original condition than was ever possible before. Some of these and advances include: stronger and more durable filling materials, high speed fiber optic drills, more effective dental anesthetics, modern digital x-ray equipment, filling materials heartened by visible light techniques and non-abrasive cleaning of your teeth with a prophy-jet and ultrasonic scalers.

The prophy-jet is a dental machine which produces a spray mixture of calcium powder and water.  This spray cleans areas previously inaccessible to cleaning, such as around crowded teeth or teeth with braces.

The advances in the plastic or composite materials for filling teeth are especially exciting.  Because these materials adhere or bond to a tooth, less natural healthy tooth structure needs to be removed to prepare the tooth for its restoration.  These materials allow a tooth to be restored not only to good function but also back to its natural cosmetic shape and color.  Your teeth can also be changed to a desired new appearance.

All dental services in this office are performed exclusively by Dr. Flory.  This includes all dental exams and cleanings which are of the utmost importance in maintaining your oral health.  At times, your particular dental needs may require the services of a dental specialist (i.e. orthodontist).  The practice has developed an excellent dental referral network which continues your desire for the highest type of dental health care.

For your benefit, treatment is rendered by appointment.  Every effort to schedule these appointments is made to keep you from waiting.  Your time is valuable too.

If you cannot keep an appointment, please try to give 24 hours' notice.  This courtesy makes it possible to give the time to another patient.

Daytime and evening appointments are available for your convenience.

Emergency patients are seen immediately during regular office hours.  After hours, Dr. Flory encourages you to contact him at home (248-288-5118) or on his mobile phone (248-321-3467).

Payment is encouraged and appreciated at the time of service.  For your convenience, credit cards are accepted.

The office will submit charges for services to your insurance carrier.  Our fees for dental services have been submitted to and accepted by the major carriers.  Payment is determined by the specific contract you have with the insurance company.  The patient is responsible for the percentage of the fee their insurance company does not cover.

However, this practice serves both the insured and non-insured patient alike.  The combination of delivering quality dental services and prevention of future dental diseases helps contain costs for all patients.